Shopping phobia?

Road Runner to the rescue!

Too bored and weary of shopping? Too sunny outside or pouring outside and want to your grocery boxes full? Want meat, poultry, chicken, from the shops of your choice? Want those fresh vegetables, fruits and anything that you crave for in the local market? You can have all that without even getting out of your home or even shaking a leg! Just get on the Mobile App ‘My Road Runner’. Your wishes will be carried out, be it rain or shine and delivered in time at the right price!

But it is not just pick up and drop services that are there on the offering. The portfolio of ‘My Road Runner’ is a variety of services, from shopping, home services, connecting beauty care services to the customers, car care, health and personal care, medicines, restaurants and Cafe, party and events, electronics and hardware, sport and fitness, mother and baby care, paan shops, booking a cab, home repair services, real estate and laundry.

The magic about the ‘My Road Runner’ services is that it is hyper-local when you open the app and browse through the categories of services you will be surprised that there are so many services just within 2-3 kilometres around your home that you had missed during your own ‘Road Runner’ dashes in the past. Your friendly meat and poultry dealer who knows you by face is listed, so is your car or two-wheeler mechanic, your electronic and IT services, your family physician, pharmacist, florist and all those nice vendors that you have interacted on a day to day basis, so when ‘My Road Runner’ picks and drops the things you ordered, you are sure that the things have come from the shops and vendors that you have trusted for so long, but only at the convenience of being delivered at your door steps and whats more? All this without getting on to your two-wheeler or car or burning fuel to go to that shop. Think about all that you can do with the hours you gained by deciding to subscribe to the services of ‘My Road Runner’.

Fringe benefits!

It is not just saving fuel or wear and tear on your vehicle, but the risk that you may run being on the road, but also you may like to finish reading a book or the day’s newspaper or even watch that debate on the TV that you never wanted to miss. But these are just fringe benefits the real benefits are shown in courteous, timely and prompt services of the My Road Runner delivery crew. An if you are arranging a party at home for small groups, ‘My Road Runner’ will take care of just everything, decoration, food and beverages and even pick up and drop your friends and family by cabs before and after the party respectively. All that time you would have spent can now be spent with your guests without being drained of energy that you expended for putting through the party together!

Special occasions made more joyous!

On festive seasons like currently the Ramzan and the Id ul Fitr that is just around the corner, anybody can order those gooey looking kebabs, biryanis, rolls and Alfams even from the other end of the city. “The app takes your location and orders and gets it even if the crew have to go an extra mile for making the festive season more meaningful and joyous for you” say the promoters of ‘My Road Runner.

How local can it get?

The idea of being hyperlocal even in tier-II cities like Mangaluru, is that the goods can reach the customer faster, and from the local shops he habitually visits, so the customer is happy that it is the same goods he always buys in quality and quantity and at the same price. For example for a customer in Mannagudda he is likely to get his bakery products from bakeries on MG Road, Kulur Ferry Road, Mannagudda or Urva market and Urva stores, our boys will also go to the same places and get the same products that the customer wants.