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Squid / Bondas (Medium)

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Squid is an extremely tender, delicious, and simple to cook fish. These are famous for stir frying or tossing it in your spaghetti! Squid is a famous ingredient around the world. It is a fine supply of protein and also contains Omega-3, zinc, copper, B vitamins and iodine. These prawns taste sweeter with a finer consistency than king prawns.

Eat as Rings, tubes or whole - taste is just marvellous. Did you know that the freshness of a squid is best when the little red dots are very dense and close to each other?Squids are low in fat and high in protein

A great source of vitamin B12, squids are known to lower homocystein levels in the body, which can otherwise increase the rate of strokes and heart attacks. Squids help in stabilizing sugar levels in the blood due to an increased supply of vitamin B3 to the body.

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